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About The Renovator

Meet the FounderScottFairweather

Scott Fairweather, aka Scotty, built The Renovator program whilst working as a peak-performance trainer in the Australian Defence Force.

Scott’s physical training experience spans over 20 years, during which he was exposed to thousands of people from a wide range of age groups and abilities.

This has given him a truly unique intuition into human behaviour, personal development and exercise.

The combination of all those skills and insights resulted in the creation of The Renovator's unique methodology and approach to physical training.

But don’t worry! There are no army drills, shouting sergeant or camo combats involved! Instead, what you will find is a unique approach to goal setting, tailored training, educational sessions focusing on mindset and lifestyle balance, and long-term results.

Our structured and strategic training model is reinventing the group exercising scenario.

Whether you’re new to training, returning from injury, looking to change up your routine or would like to optimise your training, The Renovator is a tailored approach to achieving your goals.

But, that’s not the only thing that sets us apart from everyone else.
Combine our comprehensive approach to exercising with our class structure and our unique lane system, state-of-the-art resistance equipment, individual muscle group workouts, tailored programmes, a healthy and supportive environment and our genuine commitment to prescribe and deliver extremely safe and well-instructed exercises:

That’s the real Renovator deal.

The RenovatorFoundational principles


Community is at our core. You are one of ours and we’re ready to mentor, support and challenge each and every one of our members.

Injury Management

Our method is designed to shield you from strains and injuries; and your pre-existing injuries are cared for and shall not hold you back. Our focus is on what you can do, rather than what you cannot.

Tailored Program

Our trainers don’t just guide you through exercises, they tailor them to your needs. You’re going to set targets that stretch you, and we are going to make sure you work out at an intensity that excites you.

Our Mission

Our sole focus at The Renovator is using physical training as a vehicle for personal development.

Ready toElevate Your Life?

Regardless of fitness level, if you are looking to make a positive change to your life, join us and experience The Renovator difference.
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