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ExperienceThe Renovator Difference

The Renovator is the means for those who want to achieve a lifetime of change and improvement. Our unique formula and exercise framework were carefully developed to provide you with an opportunity to improve both physical and mental health and achieve incredible transformation.

If you are ready for a complete lifestyle change, we can’t wait to give you the structure and mentorship to make it happen.
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Yes, We Do GroupTraining Differently

Our unique formula is ground-breaking within the group exercise environment.
Our classes are focused on you, on your story, on your journey, on your transformation.
Our goal is to show you that change is possible; to guide, support, challenge and empower you.
Our mission is to provide you with optimal and sustainable results that translate into long term success and lifetime benefits.

The one-of-a-kind and
Best  Exercise  Framework


InnovativeExercise formula

Our custom framework follows a specific approach to body composition, tailored training and injury management.
Additionally, our philosophy and the fundamentals of our training programs are built upon the 4 key areas of exercising: Nutrition, Goal Setting, Psychology and Exercise Science.

UniqueLane training system

This is our exclusive system and the leading advantage when training with us.
The equipment is strategically positioned in each training lane to enable highly effective training structures, smooth transitions, close support from the trainers and a personalised training experience.

EffectiveStructured Classes

Our classes are effectively structured to target and stimulate a specific muscle group on each day.
This methodology provides the appropriate stimulus to develop a symmetrical and optimal physique, while ensuring enough rest to prevent overtraining.

This isWhy We Exist

On the surface, physical training, fitness and personal development are what we provide.
Deep down, our purpose is to affect change and make a positive impact on people’s lives.
We are passionate about people and being part of their journey, watching them follow the process, commit to changes, make sacrifices and finally achieve their desired outcome is what truly inspires us.

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Ready toElevate Your Life?

Regardless of fitness level, if you are looking to make a positive change to your life, join us and experience The Renovator difference.
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