ABOUT US

        Our sole goal at The Renovator is to elevate your life. Whether you’re new to training, returning from injury or looking to change up your routine, The Renovator is a tailored approach to achieving your goals.

        Our founder Scott Fairweather, aka Scotty, built The Renovator program whilst working as a peak-performance trainer in the Australian Defence Force. Now we can promise you there will be no army drills, shouting sergeant or camo combats! What we can promise is a unique approach to goal setting, tailored training, educational sessions focusing on mindfulness and lifestyle balance, and long-term results.

        If you’re ready for a complete lifestyle change, we can’t wait to give you the structure and mentorship to make it happen. It’s time to join our community and experience The Renovator difference.



        Community is at our core. We’re ready to mentor, support and challenge each and everyone of our members.

        Injury Management

        It’s our objective to create a safe space for everyone. We understand you may have pre-existing injuries so we focus on the things you can do, not the things you can’t.

        Tailored Program

        Our trainers don’t just guide you through exercises, they tailor them to your needs. That way you’ll always be training to your optimal capacity safely.

        Community. Injury Management. Tailored Program.