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346 Nepean HighwayFrankston

Fitness and Physio combined to guide you safely and with minimal risk of injury through your life and fitness journey.

Injury management and prevention is our specialty at The Renovator Frankston! Our team combines the expertise of fitness and health professionals to ensure that each and every one of our members stay on track to achieving their goals by educating and creating opportunities for mental, physical and personal development through physical training in a safe and judgement-free space.

Inclusive and supportive

Everyone is welcome at TR Frankston, regardless of their injuries or fitness level. We are a diverse community of likeminded, friendly and supporitve people and with the help of our knowledgeable coaches, we’re able to modify sessions to suit all our members' capabilities.

Injury management and prevention

If you are looking to return to training after injury, time off, pregnancy or just keen to train in a supportive environment to help achieve your goals, then TR Frankston is the right place for you. Amongst our trainers are experienced physiotherapists and exercise physiologists with over 15 years of experience in injury management and rehabilitation.
Fitness and Physio

Unlimited and personalised

Members of TR Frankston have unlimited access to all of our classes. Our small class sizes are designed to give our members the personalised and unparalleled support unique to The Renovator, with the additional benefit of having direct coaching and supervision from our team of health professionals.
The Classes

Welcoming and safe environment

Located conveniently on the Nepean Highway, The Renovator Frankston is a brand new gym specifically designed to provide our members with a welcoming, safe and comfortable training environment, including also an outdoor training area to ensure optimal enjoyment as well as fitness outcomes.
The Gym
Fitness and Physio
The Classes
The Gym

Frankston Group Training Schedule

Monday Mon
5:30 am6:30 am9:15 am
5:30 pm
Tuesday Tue
5:30 am6:30 am9:15 am
5:30 pm
Wednesday Wed
5:30 am6:30 am9:15 am
5:30 pm
Thursday Thu
5:30 am6:30 am9:15 am
5:30 pm
Friday Fri
5:30 am6:30 am9:15 am
Saturday Sat
8:00 am
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10 weeks to get focused, strong and confident.
Your greatest opponent is yourself and The Renovator will set you up for victory. “Strong Bodies” focuses on strength training to challenge you, and make you feel stronger.

Be fearless. Be strong. Be great.
You’ll be surprised what you are capable of!

Meet the Family
Mark Halligan

Fitness and Physio combined with over 20 years of experience helping the local community with injury management at LifeCare Physiotherapy and a long love of exercise and fitness, Mark Halligan enjoys helping clients get the most out of their training programs while reducing the risk of injury.

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Opening hours

5:30am – 6:30pm
5:30am – 6:30pm
5:30am – 6:30pm
5:30am – 6:30pm
5:30am – 5:30pm
8:00 – 9:00am
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