Renovator Bravo Week 1 Example

Tough Chick is modified ScottFit taking into consideration gender differences yet still targeting intermediate to advanced trainers. It engages high intensity training with a large amount of volume. Not for the faint hearted. These weekly programs consist of a VARIETY of training comprising of challenging sessions designed to dramatically increase fitness without losing sight of developing and maintaining an awesome physique. The workouts are progressively periodised with intensity from week 1 to week 10.


V shaped cable machine - bent over cable chest press 20 reps + 5 assisted Chin ups

x 3 SETS

10 assisted dips + 20 Cable machine pull downs, seated on the floor. Like a lat pull down with cables. Then stand up and walk backwards and complete max single arm pulls? Alternate arms walking back till failure.

x 3 SETS

50 push ups – How ever long it takes. Full reps


Body weight Squat for 10 mins

Weighted squats 20 reps/20 walking lunges

x 4 SETS

Leg press 20 reps superset with 20 box step over’s with a jump.

x 4 SETS non stop


20 Standing shoulder press + 5 - 10 push ups 

x 3 SETS

10 hang cleans with a over head press + 5 Push ups 

x 3 SETS

10 Side raises + 5 Push ups

x 3 SETS

10 Front raises + 30 second dumbbell punching

x 3 SETS


Swim 200m run 1km

x 4 SETS medium intensity


500m row, 20 Cable pull downs seated on the floor, 2 mins spin cycle heavy resistance, 20 assisted dips

x 5 SETS