Fit Camp Weekends

The Renovator fit camp is an incredible environment with the opportunity for you to see real change in short periods of time. This camp will challenge you like never before. It will educate you, captivate and empower you.
Topics include:

- nutrition
- goal setting lectures
- exercise and training workshops
- exercise psychology seminars

The “Get Renovated” Portsea weekend is a perennial activity and is an incredible opportunity for you to take yourself out of your normal everyday environment thereby allowing you to focus purely on your own development.

The Renovator Crew are industry professionals, combat experienced and have outstanding instructional ability. You will be surrounded by highly motivated, likeminded individuals. This weekend is designed to test you, challenge you, encourage you but most importantly educate you.

The old adage in play here is, "you can feed a person some fish and feed them today, or teach them to fish and they’ll feed themselves for ever!"

The objective of The Renovator team will be to empower, inspire and encourage you to take your training to another level. We provide a safe environment for you to test and enhance your mental tenacity and develop physical resilience. You never know what you’re capable of until you test, challenge and extend your reach in life. Safety is paramount at The Renovator and whilst an extremely challenging environment, it is provided by staff who have a minimum of 15 years of experience in this type of training and facilitation.
We've got your back! And every step of the way.

Topics will include

Exercise psychology

Understanding your emotional and cognitive response to exercise and training. You will learn how to maintain training consistency though understanding the concepts of motivation and primarily, how to mentally prepare yourself for any level of physical adversity.

Goal setting lectures

Information lecture about goal setting and time management. How to prioritise and structure your life for the most effective outcome.

Exercise and training workshop

A Workshop detailing advanced training techniques, advice on programming, exercise prescription and periodisation based on principles specific to a range of different sports and philosophies.


Understanding nutrition and how to implement it into lifestyle whilst remaining focussed on your goals whether that is weight loss, muscle gain or adaptation for endurance activities.

In addition there will be several physical training sessions designed for…..well you can be the judge! They will be an experience you will only find here.