Body Transformations

Over The Renovator's journey, Scott spent a number of years training and competing as a body builder. More recently, he acted as operations manager of an obesity training facility. This diverse experience ensures you are working with someone who understands body composition and how to change it. Hence the name; The Renovator.

A picture tells a thousand words. Refer to recent testimonials.


Emma Power

Before Scott Fairweather came into my life, I was merely existing day to day, barely living - just breathing. I was watching my life from the sidelines as my 3 gorgeous kids were growing up around me. From the moment I met Scott, my life changed. What I learnt from The Renovator, I carry with me everyday. Scott doesn't just talk at you, train at you, or tell you what to eat - he instills confidence, he builds trust and he gives you his everything. From a 125kg woman struggling to live, I emerged as a strong, confident and proud individual striving towards each goal with his words in my head. Down 32kgs so far, my journey continues. You won't just learn how to work hard and eat well - you'll learn to live! Running along Terrigal Beach with Scott, struggling to breath, wondering how I was going to make the next marker, Scott turns me to and says "People spend too much time concentrating on how far they have to go, when all they need to do is turn around and look how far they've come" As I glanced back to Terrigal foreshore, I saw we were more than 3/4 of the way there - this statement was important not just for our training session but my weight loss journey in General.

He gave me my life back!

- Scott led me the way, and I put it into practice. Scott Fairweather is a humble, proud and incredible life coach. My life is richer having him in it.

Charles Slinger

"My goal was to gain muscle mass - something that generally eluded me due to a good metabolism and plenty of sport. Enter my new Afghanistan room mate - Scott "The Renovator". Through excellent advice in both diet and weight training, Scott allowed me to achieve the gains I was after. Nutritional advice covered both basic foods and supplements and the one on one coaching was second to none. Scott introduced me to numerous weightlifting exercises and never compromised technique for more weight. He was an amazing coach and is the sort of guy who can keep you motivated when all your muscles are screaming… even on leg day! Result: 5kg in 10 weeks and massive strength gains, while still playing sport. Thanks Mate."