Exclusive Memberships

I consider myself a market leader in physical training and personal improvement. As part of this exclusive membership you will have direct access to me "The Renovator". The Renovator gym has an exclusivity like no other with capped membership. This will give me the ability to engage with my clients at a greater level and allow more focus on good foundational development plus the added advantage of constant advice and interaction.  There is no contract, joining or exit fee. The cost is $77 per week with unlimited training of up to 7 sessions per day. Monday to Saturday. There is limited PT available.

Contact me to discuss on 0410 886 822 

Session Times




Monday 5:30am | 6:30am | 7:30am | 9:45am 5:30pm | 6:30pm
Tuesday 5:30am | 6:30am | 7:30am | 9:45am 5:30pm | 6:30pm
Wednesday 5:30am | 6:30am | 7:30am | 9:45am 5:30pm | 6:30pm
Thursday 5:30am | 6:30am | 7:30am | 9:45am 5:30pm | 6:30pm
Friday 5:30am | 6:30am | 7:30am | 9:45am -
Saturday 7:00am  -