About the Renovator

The Renovator is about building people. Our philosophical approach offers more than just 'industry churned' physical development. The Renovator provides you with:

- strategically sound programming
- nutritional synergy
- creating environments that allow you to prove your capabilities

You'll have a better understanding of your potential and therefore feel compelled to continually challenge conventional beliefs. You will stand out for the right reasons as an individual measured on your attributes, drive and energy.

This radical 'renovation' helps you get noticed which provides opportunity and opportunity is a door worth opening whenever you hear it knock.

The Renovator program provides individuals with accountability, knowledge and the consistency to their own individual or collective development and training requirements. This unique formula is achieved through extensive experience and an understanding of human behaviour, coupled with a credible and dynamically positive influence.

Developed around individually tailored objectives, The Renovator provides a range of activities and scenarios to help you achieve the personal growth you may not realise was holding you back in previous training and goal setting. The adaptation resultant from these controlled activities will determine the level of facilitation, (experiential learning), that is so invaluable within the context of your life journey.

Whether delivered in the gym and focussed on physical transformations, or within the board room dynamically empowering people through motivational workshops, The Renovator's  methods and products will take you to the next level.


The Renovator began as a nickname given to founder and director; Scott Fairweather as a representation of the incredible results achieved by many clients through a complete overhaul of physique and lifestyle.  It organically developed into a new and exciting business incorporating years of experience in a growing industry.

Scott spent 13 years as a Physical Training Instructor in the Australia Defence Force following in his father’s footsteps. A skilled and accomplished Physical Training Instructor with over 15 years experience, reflects in his lifestyle and professional mastery with regards to physical training and personal development.
This afforded him the opportunity to be physically and mentally tested on numerous occasions ranging from the ADF Physical Training School, Navy Dive School and the SAS Selection Course.

The Renovator trained in the harshest of conditions and his skills put to the test in both military and commercial environments, within Australia and on military operations whilst deployed overseas.

He competed in a range of different sports at a representative level, ranging from swimming, cross country and athletics to rugby, boxing and body building. This combined exposure and practical application has you equipped to be joining forces with someone well above many trainers. The Renovator understand athletes, because he is one.

Since the launch of The Renovator, successes in training and facilitating people in all aspects of life has begun, including school based activities, adolescent mentoring, key note speaking at multi national corporate events and largely as the Operations Manager of one of Australians leading obesity rehabilitation programs.

Passionate about people, The Renovator has a portfolio of tens of thousands of clients reached and he continues to engage with you as a market leader with unmatched confidence, knowledge and ability.

The Renovator says, "I would never expect anyone do anything that I haven’t done myself. I understand people, how to break them down to their core elements and values. More importantly, I build and renovate them into confident, fit dynamic people grounded with substance and purpose. I pride myself on my strong leadership, development and quality mentoring where strategies for progression have been identified.

I have developed and conditioned a number of high profile athletes as well as many men from our special forces. I can develop and facilitate any team with sports specific training, pre season conditioning or team building based activities. I have over a decade of experience performing these roles with distinction."