About The Renovator

Scott Fairweather aka The Renovator is a human behavior specialist who has built a business purely focused on transforming people’s lives. With over two decades of experience in uncovering the connection between human behavior and developing change, Scott has created an environment at RenovatorHQ that utilizes physical training as a vehicle for personal development.

The Renovator provides you with:

  • strategically sound programming
  • nutritional synergy
  • a nurturing environment

His extensive experience in the Australian Defence Force as a Physical Training Instructor
has provided a platform of exposure to thousands of people providing incredible insight into human behavior.

Scotts uncomplicated authentic approach and back to basics philosophy provides clients with the ability to see incredible change not just physically but throughout their entire life.

The Renovator as the name suggests is a reflection of his ability and desire to transform peoples physical, mental and emotional state to ensure they achieve great things.

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